Article: Put Microsoft Vista on a diet!

Windows Vista makes all kinds of assumptions about your computing habits and the features you may or may not need, and it inevitably installs some that you simply don’t need.

Just have a look at the video tutorial in this link:

Getting rid of the features you don´t use will put a smile on your face. In Windows XP we had the Add/Remove Windows Features button in the Control Panel. Vista has something very similar:

First, open “Control Panel” and click Uninstall a Program. This launches the ”Vista Uninstall or Change a Program” Window. In the Tasks pane on the left, click Turn Windows Features On or Off.

Second, check the list of features. Each feature is preceded by a checkbox which, if filled, indicates the feature is active. Hovering over a feature shows a tooltip explaining the features function.

Third, uncheck any feature you don’t need. Some of the features are headings with a sub-list below them; just click the little + sign to expand.

Note that when you uncheck features, you’re not removing these features from your system; you’re simply turning them off so they don’t sit in the background eating up resources. You can turn any of them back on by re-cecking the boxes at any time.


~ by helpvids on June 1, 2009.

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